Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

King Sweetums 3

The sky has been giving me trouble in this piece.  Actually, the background in general has...should have planned the whole thing out before I started drawing--again.
I tried to take inspiration for the clouds from one of Frazetta's classic Conan paintings.  It's hard to pull it off in vector, it needs to be consistent with the rest of the piece but has to try to convey the drama of the inspiration.  What I've got here is better than what I started with, but it may get re-drawn again.
At a friend's suggestion I went back and re-drew all the pikes, spears and axes at the back of the throne to be individual.  I'd asked for his critique and he said they all looked the same, and that jumped out at him.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sweetums the Barbarian 2

I'm continuing to work on this piece, it's taking a long time but there's no deadline on a personal piece so no worries.  Just trying to keep the detail consistent throughout, trying to decide how much detail it really needs...when you can work on the computer you can zoom in so far that you can draw details that won't even show up, and most people won't see.
So how much shine needs to be in the girls' jewelry?  How much stuffing needs to be coming out of Kermit's head?  How much texture do I put on Gonzo's skull?  These are the pressing questions this piece brings up!