Friday, February 25, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ray-Gun 1: Atomic Discombobulator 3D

Here's my old Ray-Gun the "Atomic Discombobulator" (original post here) but done 3D by my friend in Solidworks. He was looking to practice and used my original art as his starting point. Being the creative fellow (and consummate dork) that he is, he also took the time to write me a letter about it....kinda....ahem....
Dr. Eisenmangorch,
Once again I have been tasked with taking your hair brained designs and making them work. I am not sure why the old man loves your proto-types.. no, they don't even rate that name.. shaky mock-ups so well, but he continues to forward them to me in an endless rain of prolific ignorance. OK, let's go over the changes I had to make to bring this unit to production level design. First and foremost that very ill-conceived top cooling fin is in the dustbin. Not only was it way over rated for the size of the Plasma chamber, it had a backward hook on it man! These weapons are produced for the mercenary, footloose, freelancers in the galaxy that need to shoot first and ask questions later. Could you imagine how Gorski LanceRay's reputation would plummet as merc after merc died after getting that contraption hooked on something while he was trying to draw his weapon!!!! The additional cooling was handled by simply increasing the size and surface area of the side cooling fins and also making them out of the newer Aluminauser material... (I am simply amazed that you still spec out titanium for such contrivances). The second major change was to redesign the trigger and use the standard Gorski Lanceray Gold Tripper configuration. Why in Pluto's name you ever try your hand at trigger design, I will never quite understand. To fit the standard Fokrak module you had speced would require cutting so far into Plenhearst Resonator, my goodness, the unit would have detonated like a good old fashioned Wapershnaats Grenade. The focal length of your beam caster was also off, once again you would have had the majority of nano-flash simply burning atmosphere instead of focusing on your target. It is true that this only drop the focal burn power down by 15%, but we have a reputation of leaving them charred and twitching, not burned, angry, and returning fire!
Oh, and I also increased the trigger guard opening for that ever important Faaskin sale. Geez man, it's as if your a speciesist or something. The Faaskin lover our products function but continually complain about having to modify their trigger guards (or simply remove them) in order to fit their Mandaris Claw. Did you get any of the briefs on how much we can gain in sales by accommodating them?
this unit now appears up to Gorski Lanceray standards and is currently entering the testing phase. To market time will be around 2 Solar Kiefs. In the future I hope you can keep some of the practicalities of the design in mind. good day Doctor!
Emanus Hornsday
Lead Production Engineer, Chief Fiscal Proprieter
Gorski Lanceray Heavy Industries