Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ray-Gun 1: The Atomic Discombobulator

I came across this site with retro-styled space guns, and it inspired me.
WETA Rayguns
I've since been looking at all kinds of these guns, there is a plethora.  I was surprised to find how much Han Solo's gun looks like Buck Roger's!  Check it out for yourself.

I drew a few of my own of varying success so I'll post them and more as they come.  They're fun to design and draw, the shapes are cool to play with.  I was asked if I'm really into Sci-Fi because I'm drawing these guns, I had to say no, I'd much rather look at the Rocketeer than read about him.  There's something about classic atomic style, there's nothing like it.

I picked up the core of this gun from an old drawing of a toy I had as a kid, I'd modernized the action figure and he needed a weapon so this was it.  I added the cool fin and made it sleeker and longer.  It's plain, but I'm liking this one.

All vector, drawn in Illustrator CS4.

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