Thursday, November 19, 2009

Knoxville Girl

I saw Megadeth play last night, it was a great show. Unfortunately they played at my least favorite venue here in the city, the LC. I've never heard a band sound great there, it's just a big concrete and steel box so the sound is usually terrible. That new guitarist is awesome, though. Last night I saw probably the most talented group of musicians I've ever seen.

This sketch is inspired by the song "Knoxville Girl" from the Louvin Bros. They played years ago, they were a big influence on country musicians and Johnny Cash in particular. When they weren't singing songs praisin' Jesus, etc. they were singing "Tragic Songs of Life" including murder ballads like this one. They also sang a song about nuclear annihilation called "The Great Atomic Power" which was later covered by Southern Culture on the Skids.

Hmm, songs about murder and nuclear war, and you wondered what could possibly be the connection in a post that started with Megadeth and ended with the Louvins!

Quickly added some color in Photoshop.

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