Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Christmas anyway (or: I Lost, Part 2)

Every year Megadeth runs a contest to design the Christmas card they send to their fan club.  This is my submission.  I think I followed the rules and made the deadline with time to spare, but I'm not sure if they received it or not....and I didn't request confirmation.  The results have been posted, though, and I'm thinking my submission accidentally ended up in someone's junk mail folder.  Either that or the card I made is too religious (knowing Megadeth I seriously doubt that's a factor), or vector art is more reviled than I thought? ;-)
Oh, and I'm not discrediting the winners, there's some cool stuff this year (and as always, art is subjective):
Megadeth Christmas Card '09 winners

Overall though I enjoyed coming up with the concept, and drawing it.  I feel good about  the color and composition and I enjoyed messing with a traditional theme.  I hope you like it, too.
Maybe I'll save it to submit next year.  For now, it's going on the blog.

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