Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Muppets Movie Art Show

I was recently invited to participate in an art show based on the Muppets, to coincide with the new movie.  I was only too happy to submit a piece.  I had actually thought of this particular subject before so I was excited to have a reason to take a shot at it--the Muppet Sweetums, as a Frazetta-style barbarian-king!  Of course, it was a great opportunity to draw some topless barbarian babes adorning his throne, so I went for it!  Here are some shots of the painting-in-progress.  Pencil sketches, ink drawing, and watercolors.

This was the original drawing, the layout is the classic "Frazetta triangle" composition.

I had to do a little more work on the slave girls....once I got into the final drawing stages I realized the quick sketch had some awkward, undefined anatomy going on.  I ended up with two nice poses for the girl in the foreground, and I chose the one laying on her back instead of the kneeling one.  I liked 'em both, though!

Ink drawing.


Starting to add colors--concentrating on the "hot" center of the image. Here's where I made the major mistake in my drawing--most don't seem to even notice, but to me--it's unforgivable!

Adding dimension to the slave girls.

Continuing to fill in colors and values.

The final, framed image.

Overall, I would give this piece an "OK" rating, but I'm my own toughest critic.  I'm sure it will show well and I'm happy enough with it but the perfectionist in me thinks I overworked it a bit, should have put the brush down an hour earlier than I did.  I had some Frazetta images on my reference board, staring me down, intimidating me while I worked, making me very conscious of my non-Fraz-ness.  Also, I'm so used to working in vector on a computer with limited undos that it's hard to just dive in and try to crank out a painting with unforgiving watercolor.  I'm a bit rusty on my real-world, "analog" skills!

The show is at this Hilliard comic shop:  Pack Rat Comics  There is a meet-and-greet reception this weekend, Dec 3rd, I think it starts around 7.

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