Thursday, December 23, 2010

Metal Christmas to all!!!

Okay, last year I entered the Megadeth Christmas card contest, to design the card that they send to the fan club, and I feared my submission was lost in the junk box, like many emails with attachments seem to do. I re-entered this year and made sure the webmaster got my design by asking for a receipt (brilliant, right?!?!) Here's the blog entry from last year's scenario:
Happy Christmas Anyway.....

I made it into the top ten this year! Very cool, and I get a signed CD for my troubles, which was really no trouble at was fun to think up and draw the card. The competition was fierce this year and the first-place winner was far from a slouch--it's a very, very cool image. I gotta start thinking about next year's design......

Anyway, here's the link, check 'em all out:
Megadeth Christmas Card winners 2010

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